The US-China Trade Spat: My Interview with Xinhua – June 18, 2018

© 2018, Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers Business School

Xinhua, China’s leading official news agency, conducted a 30-minute interview with me on June 18, 2018. The video clips and articles are available at the links below.

Links to Xinhua Videos (English) ‒ June 18, 2018:

These brief clips show only a fraction of my 30-minute interview with Xinhua. My main message was that “statistics” and “data” can be deceptive for the public, media, and politicians, who often don’t know or see the larger context. Also see my July 11, 2018 blog post, The US-China Trade Spat: How the Public, Media, and Politicians Can Be Deceived by Dataand my July 12, 2018 blog post, Does Just One Product–the iPhone–Cause an $11 Billion Trade Deficit for the US?

  • Twitter (Xinhua): Farok J. Contractor, professor in the Management and Global Business department at Rutgers Business School, states his point of view on the U.S.-China trade in a recent interview with Xinhua
  • Facebook (Hinhua): Expert on U.S.-China trade deficit: suffering is the wrong word

Links to Online Xinhua Interview Articles (English and Chinese) ‒ June 21, 2018:

These articles by Xinhua appear in both English and Chinese versions. The titles of the Chinese articles have been roughly translated below.



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