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The Globalization of Thanksgiving Day

How a Two-Minute Speech of Only 272 Words Uttered by Abraham Lincoln Is Relevant for the World Today


What Is “Dumping”?

Does China Systematically Force US Companies to Reveal Their Secrets?


Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: Methods, Policies, and Ethics
(Updated from the May 5, 2016 Post on August 29, 2018)

JULY 2018

Does Just One Product – the iPhone – Cause an $11 Billion Trade Deficit for the US?

The US-China Trade Spat: How the Public, Media, and Politicians Can Be Deceived by Data

The US-China Trade Spat: My Interview with Xinhua – June 18, 2018

JUNE 2018

The “Star-Spangled Banner” and an Early Example of Outsourcing: The American National Anthem Was Composed on a Ship Built in India

See the updated and revised version of this post, July 11, 2019: From Bombay to Baltimore: Was the American national anthem composed on a ship built in India at the Wadia Shipyard?

APRIL 2018

TEN QUICK FACTS ABOUT US TRADE: Deficits, Dumping, and Discords

(Fact No. 9 Updated in the “Dumping” Post on October 23, 2018)

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