Significant Episodes in Globalization

History of Globalization

The History of Globalization
(YaleGlobal OnlineAlso See My Article How a Soothing Drink Changed Fortunes and Incited Protests)


The Globalization of Thanksgiving Day

JUNE 2018

The “Star-Spangled Banner” and an Early Example of Outsourcing: The American National Anthem Was Composed on a Ship Built in India

See the updated and revised version of this post, July 11, 2019: From Bombay to Baltimore: Was the American national anthem composed on a ship built in India at the Wadia Shipyard?

JUNE 2017

Global Leadership in an Era of Growing Nationalism, Protectionism, and Anti-Globalization (Part 2)

MAY 2017

What Is Globalization? How to Measure It and Why Many Oppose It (Part 1)


Second Helping: Thanksgiving Day and Globalization 


Thanksgiving Day and Globalization

APRIL 2014

Learning from the History of Globalization

— The Story of Globalization: From the Neolithic Era to the Tea-Opium Countertrade of the 195h Century [AIB Insights, 12 (2): 3–7]

—  How a Soothing Drink Changed Fortunes and Incited Protests [PDF] [YaleGlobal Online, March 9, 2011]

Important Figures in Globalization

Illuminated Manuscript Page_Marco Polo-Venice to East-1271_Nadis NY_Shutter Stock_1280x800

Voyage of discovery: a 15th century manuscript depicts Marco Polo setting off from Venice for the East in 1271 CREDIT: HISTORY ARCHIVE/REX SHUTTER STOCK (also available at other sources)
From Nadis Silk House, New York – Our History


Some Reflections on Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

JUNE 2014

What Drives Narendra Modi? – Swami Vivekananda and Hsuan Tsang

– What Drives Narendra Modi? Parsiana, June 21, 2014 (Comment: pp. 27–29)



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