The World Economy Will Need Even More Globalization in the Post-Pandemic 2021 Decade

© 2020, Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers Business School

Featured Image Source: Financial Times
Following is an introduction to the post-peer-reviewed, pre-copyedited version of an article to be published in the Journal of International Business Studies. The final authenticated version will be available online at: Journal of International Business Studies | Volumes and issues (

While this 11-page article (not including references and endnotes) was written for an academic audience, interested readers of my blog will find it accessible because since there is little, if any, jargon. It encapsulates my reasons for why the world economy needs even more globalization in the post-pandemic 2021 decade.

Instead of the dire predictions of a post-COVID-19 world characterized by increased global risks, decoupling of economies, shakeup of global value chains, and the retreat of globalization, this article proposes that the changes induced by heightened nationalism and protectionism will be marginal rather than fundamental in nature. These marginally higher risks can easily be handled and ameliorated by multinational enterprises (MNEs) through alternative cross-border business strategies and emerging technologies. Moreover, the paper gives reasons why the future world economy will need even more globalization.

Click below to download a PDF of the entire pre-published article:

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