John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence (1819) in the United States Capitol Rotunda depicts the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to Congress.

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OCTOBER 20, 2021

Professor Farok J. Contractor Named 34th President of the Academy of International Business (AIB)

MAY 19, 2021

Frontline IB Video Conversations: Farok Contractor – April 29, 2021

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Despite Some Advantages, Online Education Has a “Dark Underbelly”

DECEMBER 30, 2020

The US-China Business Relationship: “Bi-Polar”? Or a Stabilizing Pillar of the World Economy? A Video Lecture

NOVEMBER 26, 2020

A Decline in US Manufacturing Because of Globalization and China?

Don’t Believe This Fake News

OCTOBER 14, 2020

The Quarreling Couple That Still Needs to Dance Together:

A Webinar Addressing US-China Rivalry and Cooperation

AUGUST 29, 2020 – UPDATE

What Is Socialism?

Why I Changed the Subtitle of My Previous Post

AUGUST 12, 2020

India and Its Role in International Business:

The Sleeping Giant Is Still Waking from Its Overregulated Past

APRIL 2020

What Does “Flattening the Curve” Mean? Will It Also Flatten the Global Economy?

MARCH 2020

Quick Update: The Excruciating Choice: “Flattening the Curve” and Prolonging the Global Recession

The Excruciating Choice: “Flattening the Curve” and Prolonging the Global Recession

2019 icon compact red #2


Six Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Yale Podcast: Where Do Brexit and Anti-Globalization Sentiments Come From?


Trump Administration Labels China a “Currency Manipulator”: What’s behind the accusation, and who’s right?

JULY 2019

From Bombay to Baltimore: Was the American national anthem composed on a ship built in India at the Wadia Shipyard? (Updated and Revised Post)


 Advantages and Drawbacks of Undervalued Versus Overvalued Currencies


Is the Indian Rupee Undervalued or Overvalued? What Purchasing Power Parity Theory Tells Us

2018_Gold and Red_Slanted


The Globalization of Thanksgiving Day

How a Two-Minute Speech of Only 272 Words Uttered by Abraham Lincoln Is Relevant for the World Today


What Is “Dumping”?

JUNE 2018

The “Star-Spangled Banner” and an Early Example of Outsourcing: The American National Anthem Was Composed on a Ship Built in India

See the updated and revised version of this post, July 11, 2019: From Bombay to Baltimore: Was the American national anthem composed on a ship built in India at the Wadia Shipyard?

APRIL 2018


Deficits, Dumping, and Discords

Related: WWMS? (What Would Milton Say?)

2017_Gold and Red_Slanted

JULY 2017

Globalization Continues – And Multinationals Play by Rules Set by Other Nations (Despite What Trump Says)

JUNE 2017

Global Leadership in an Era of Growing Nationalism, Protectionism, and Anti-Globalization (Part 2)

MAY 2017

What Is Globalization? How to Measure It and Why Many Oppose It (Part 1)

MARCH 2017

What’s at Stake in China-US Relations? An Estimate of Jobs and Money Involved in the Bilateral Economic Tie

Four Salient Facts about the Chinese Yuan 


Tax “Amnesty” for Multinationals—But Not for Illegal Immigrants


What’s at Stake in China-US Relations? Job and Money Calculations Under Various (Trumpian) Scenarios [UPDATED MARCH 10, 2017]

2016 Posts on Banner


Second Helping: Thanksgiving Day and Globalization 

MAY 2016

Update: Is China a “currency manipulator”? Donald Trump says so

Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: Methods, Policies, and Ethics

APRIL 2016

Happy Tax Day, USA (April 18, 2016): How are corporations and individuals footing the tax bill?

Inversions…and Versions (of Tax Truths)

2014-2015 Posts on Banner

All 2014 & 2015 Posts Are in the Archive Click the Titles to Be Automatically Redirected

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The Simple Math: How a Mere Quarter-Percent Interest Rate Hike Can Produce Big Swings on Bond Prices and Foreign Exchange Rates


Thanksgiving Day and Globalization

Is China a “currency manipulator”? Donald Trump says so


International Tax Avoidance: Clarifying Multinational Company Tax Issues


Chinese Cyber-Espionage on US Companies: The Asymmetry in the Analogy of the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

AUGUST 2015 

Hedging Transactions Involving Foreign Exchange Risk – A Primer: Falling in Love with a Puerto Vallarta Condo

Case Study A – The American Buyers’ Perspective (Printable Version: Hedging Transactions_Part A_FJContractor_2015)

Case Study B – The Mexican Sellers’ Perspective (Printable Version: Hedging Transactions_Part B_FJContractor_2015)

Case Study C – Epilogue (Printable Version: Hedging Transactions_Part C_FJContractor_2015)

Updates: What the Iran Nuclear Deal Means for American Business

JULY 2015

Why a Single Currency Works in the US, but Not Very Well in Europe: Three Minimal Conditions for the Eurozone to Function


Is China set to become the world’s largest economy in 2015?

MAY 2014

Global Management in a Still-Fragmented World

Globalization: What the Heck Is It?  (FJ Contractor; Revised May, 2013)

APRIL 2014

Beware the Million-Dollar IRS Phone Scam

The US—One of the World’s Most Competitive Manufacturing Locations?

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