MARCH 2017
What’s at Stake in China-US Relations? An Estimate of Jobs and Money Involved in the Bilateral Economic Tie
Four Salient Facts about the Chinese Yuan 
Tax “Amnesty” for Multinationals—But Not for Illegal Immigrants
What’s at Stake in China-US Relations? Job and Money Calculations Under Various (Trumpian) Scenarios [UPDATED MARCH 10, 2017]

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MAY 2016
Update: Is China a “currency manipulator”? Donald Trump says so
Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: Methods, Policies, and Ethics
APRIL 2016
Happy Tax Day, USA (April 18, 2016): How are corporations and individuals footing the tax bill? 
Inversions…and Versions (of Tax Truths)

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International Tax Avoidance: Clarifying Multinational Company Tax Issues