Six Things to Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

©2019 Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers Business School The Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which occurs over a long weekend, brings a respite, a breathing space that allows moments for introspection. I begin this piece with a brief history, followed by six things we all should be grateful for. “What Should We Be Grateful for?” … Continue reading Six Things to Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

The Globalization of Thanksgiving Day

© 2018 Prof. Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers University A cause for celebration: The 17th-century English settlers survived starvation and death thanks to the help of Native American “Indians,” who taught them how to plant native crops and where to hunt and fish. Having just returned to the US in time for Thanksgiving with my family … Continue reading The Globalization of Thanksgiving Day